About The Author

Author Beth McGee- Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can MasterMy first published book Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master, debuted in December of 2015. This title achieved Five Star status on Amazon within the first week of publication and is the culmination of 20 years of experience as owner and operator of a professional residential cleaning service. I am excited to begin my life as a published book author with this title and to share my expertise in this field with a wide audience. Now available in paperback and in the Amazon Kindle store.

With an education in Communications, I have spent much of my life helping others share their messages through website development, blogging, and community education. I have always been a writer, from a very young age, but have waited until this year to publish a completed work in book form. I hope to share many more titles with you in the future on a variety of topics.

I’ve loved raising a family, owning a business, and being an active member of my community. Life has offered many rich experiences that I know many of you have in common. My wish is to create more non-fiction written works that speak to the heart and mind of the reader.  My goal is to bring my experiences to life on the page, and teach others new skills, or simply new ways to feel whole and to honor the experiences of their own lives. I hope you’ll find value in the words and ideas I share.

You may also enjoy my other labor of love, a popular DIY website called MyMobileHomeMakeover.com. For the last ten years, I’ve shared our experiences and projects there to give confidence to tens of thousands of visitors a month to turn their manufactured homes into cozy castles. MyMobileHomeMakeover.com promotes the DIY culture, and the value of small and efficient homes.